Dr Snow and clean Water

Today (15th October 2010) is Blog Action Day, I have been asked to blog on the subject of Water (http://blogactionday.change.org/) this, at first seemed difficult, I considered looking at the Fall of Singapore due to lack of water, and not the success of the Japanese army, when I remembered Dr. Snow and the Broad Street Pump.cholera_map

I like the Making the Modern World page on this story, as it is a good example of Cross Curricular work (http://www.makingthemodernworld.org.uk/learning_modules/geography/05.TU.01/?section=2), but then looked to see if anyone had used the map Dr. Snow produced on as a template on Google Earth, I could not find any, so I did this Broad Street Pump. Feel free to use it, or copy the idea.

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